Things I use (and love)

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Hammerspoon and Karabiner Elements

Together, these make up my keyboard repository, which gives me keyboard superpowers.

Notable features:


Simply the best to-do list application that exists. Nothing else comes close.

Todoist has three superpowers:

  1. A powerful language parser. Give it a task “Call mom at the end of every month starting next month” and it’ll do exactly what you hope it would do.
  2. Powerful label and filter systems. You can easily create filters such as “Show me only tasks that are overdue across all my work projects.”
  3. Todoist-shortcuts. Lets you use Todoist like Vim.

Todoist Shortcuts

Adds Vim shortcuts to Todoist.


Another MacOS automation tool. I’d previously used Alfred, and the thing that made me switch was that Raycast uses React and TypeScript to power its extensions, which are languages I’m more familiar with.

Here are the things I use it for:


Open source, multi-platform text expansion that always works. Imagine that.


Vim keybindings for Chrome and Chrome-based browsers. Completely changed the way I use the internet.


A git GUI with a name that makes it nearly impossible to Google about. Still, it’s excellent for more complicated git workflows, like dropping several commits from a branch. Plus, it’s beautiful.


Pinboard is the minimum-viable product bookmark manager. You save a URL. You give it a title. You give it a description. And you give it tags. It looks like it was built in 2001. And it’s perfect.